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Megan Caper

Medical Intuitive

Connecting the dots between science, spirituality, and compassion

Your doctor may not be giving you the whole picture. What’s really causing your medical condition?

It’s time you had some deeper answers about your issue. Maybe you feel that:

  • Traditional medicine isn’t giving you all the answers you need
  • You’re not 100% convinced your diagnosis is the whole story
  • You know there’s more to your condition, but there’s no lab test or scan that can validate that hunch
  • You’ve tried other healing modalities, but it feels like you’re just making a shot in the dark about what might work
  • You feel powerless over your illness and you just want to know what’s going on and why so you can take steps get better
Hello! I’m Megan Caper, medical intuitive. I take people from wishing they knew what was causing their medical condition to learning what treatments will work so that they can finally be symptom free.

Having chronic unexplained health problems can feel like having a ball and chain attached permanently to your leg. You can try to ignore it, but inevitably you’ll be reminded of the weight of what you’re dealing with everyday as you try to go about your daily life.

When you have a clear idea of what’s really going on, you can take steps to break that chain and leave your illness behind.

Together we’re going to get to the real cause of your condition. Not the symptoms, but the underlying issues that are causing the symptoms. 

Are you ready to know what’s going on in your body?

Are you ready to get answers beyond what western medicine can tell you?

Then take a look at how to work with me and get you on the road to solving they mystery of your medical condition.

What My Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, here’s what some clients have to say!

Over the course of my healing journey, I’ve been fortunate to find many excellent helpers. Recently I’ve been consulting a medical intuitive healer who has provided me with a rich array of help. Of the eight medical intuitives I’ve worked with over the years, Megan Caper is by far the best.

Rob Brezsny

Astrologer, Free Will Astrology

I have been seeing Megan for the past 3 years. She is the best. Every time I get a session from her, I get great results. She has helped me with emotional issues and energy disharmonies, among other things.

If I could only see one intuitive healer for the rest of my life, I would choose Megan. She’s a healer’s healer.

Jeannie E.

Acupuncturist, Quantum Link Wellness

My experience was amazing. Megan addresses the deepest parts of your body, heart, and soul that are difficult to access on your own. She is totally tapped in – everything she says resonates – in other words she’s really, really good at working at multiple levels on issues. Megan heals body, mind, and spirit – she addresses needs at all levels and takes care of what needs to be taken care of. After our sessions, I feel a confidence and a deep sense of knowing I am on track.

Alison Crothswait

Therapist and Author, The Good Therapists

Megan is an incredibly smart, educated woman who is very well versed in culture, science and psychology, especially. You’re in the hands of someone who both has an incredible gift and on top of that has been diligent all her life to acquire a post-graduate degree and be of service to humanity with her rational brain as well as her intuition. I also really appreciate that she’s been through cancer — that level of empathy is really useful, a blessing to anyone sick or suffering. In many ways she’s been through the worst, and there is solace in that for us, in the form of empathy and compassion. The voice that told her she has cancer when she first had it — I trust that voice, and I’m grateful for that voice!

Mimi Elena


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