If you’re ready to get more insight about your mysterious medical condition and finally get on the road to true healing, then you’re in the right place.

Perhaps you feel like you don’t yet have the whole picture, or that your doctor is treating your symptoms, but not addressing the underlying cause. Or you’ve been told there is no effective treatment because this is a chronic condition that can’t be cured. Or even worse – you’ve been told they can’t find anything wrong and that you should just exercise or sleep more or lose some weight and the problem will magically be solved..

I’m here to tell you why you haven’t been able to fully heal.

It’s because your medical condition is interwoven with your emotions — connected to stress, trauma or childhood dysfunction.

You might have read “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk or Louise Hay’s work and you understand how stress and trauma can cause physical illnesses. But what can you do about it? And how does it specifically apply to you?

Using my unique skill set of Western medical training, medical intuitive abilities, and extensive knowledge of energy medicine, I can get to the root cause of the issue so that you know exactly how to address your condition and take meaningful steps toward being free of it forever.

These sessions are for you if you feel:

  • Frustrated by the limited treatment options given to you by your doctor?
  • Like there’s a missing puzzle piece to your condition that no one has figured out yet?
  • The medications you take may be helping somewhat with the symptoms, but they don’t address the underlying cause of the condition?
  • Like you don’t fit into the exact “box” of the diagnosis you’ve been given but you don’t know how to get another opinion?

What if you could finally know the WHY behind your condition and start treating the cause and not the symptoms?

What if you…

  • Could take steps to finally address the real reason for your medical issues instead of just taking medications to cover up the symptoms?
  • Felt confident in knowing what your body was trying to tell you and why?
  • Knew exactly what steps and modalities your body needed in order to make progress toward getting well?

That’s exactly why you need a medical intuitive.

 I’ll take you from wishing you knew why your body was doing this to having a clear plan for how to resolve it for good.


In working with me, you’ll receive:

A thorough assessment of your symptoms, much more in-depth than the 15 minutes you usually get with your doctor, so that we can look at ALL of the issues and how they may be connected or intertwined.

  • An in-depth medical intuitive reading of the underlying causes of your condition so you can know not just what your body is doing but WHY.
  • Energy healing treatments that are specific and precise for what’s going on for you – these sessions go way beyond a general reiki session or chakra balancing like you may have had in the past. These sessions will address your bodymind’s specific issues using energy medicine based on both Western and Eastern medical knowledge. That means we’ll look at what’s causing your illness on a physical, emotional and spiritual level to truly heal on all three levels. 
  • Recommendations based on my intuitive reading of how to best move forward so that you can feel confident you are using the best, individualized approach for your unique needs to finally move towards being rid of your conditions once and for all.


Are you done with trying to figure out why you’re sick? Do you just want to know why your body is doing this so you can fix the problem?

Then book a time to chat with me to learn more about these sessions, and start getting to the bottom of this today.

Before I met with Megan, I was feeling disempowered, stuck, frustrated and confused. After our first session, I felt mind blown with her ability to connect to my innate wisdom. Megan was able to find the cause and help me release a great deal of the anxiety I've carried all my life.

Working with Megan, I've felt completely supported me along the way. She has a unique background in Buddhist meditation, compassion, self-awareness, and a strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology, in addition to her intuitive gifts.

She has been an amazing person to refer to when I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, etc. She has provided me with a sense of clarity, understanding, and confidence with the process.

Anya Searle

Owner, Sacred Alchemy

I felt a certainty that my work with Megan would create important new shifts in my way of approaching life. I had worked a LOT on my issues, and felt that the remaining pieces were like layers of an onion, and no matter how many layers I peeled, it was a never-ending process.

After the first session, I let go of all those limiting beliefs. I was compassionate and not triggered, able to show up authentically and show love. The energy we moved during that first session released a new vitality and an immediate access to my emotions. No longer feeling numbed or frozen, I am joyful and happy. I am tearful and angry. I am frightened and at peace. I am enjoying every second of being a passionate person who acknowledges just what is going on inside! I am filled with insights and inspiration from all the energy we freed up. My creativity is pouring out in my writing. when I added Megan’s insightful work to this process, everything jelled. This was the support piece that allowed me to burst forth.

Victoria Stuart

Poet and Philosopher

Before I started getting sessions from Megan, I felt pretty hopeless and like there was little chance I could resolve some of my issues. I was amazed by the results.

I’ve seen significant progress since I first started working with her. Not only did I have immediate information about my issue, but her sessions have had lasting effects as well. I gained understanding into problems and challenges I was facing, which helped me to recognize them as they came up again in the future. I’ve been able to overcome several long standing blocks, as well, and feel better about the overall situation.

Megan combines deep understanding of science and physiology with metaphysical knowledge for a unique perspective. I would recommend you talk to her up front to address your concerns and then try her out to see how it works for you.

Ethan E.

Software Engineer

What You Can Expect

Weekly medical intuition and energy healing with me to help you:

  • Heal and repair on both physical and emotional levels through intensive energy healing
  • Find the root belief systems and coping mechanisms that are causing so many of the problems in your life so you can stop them before they start
  • Feel more balanced, peaceful, clear, calm and confident in your daily life, your relationships and your work


We’ll meet on Zoom at our set time and check in to see how your symptoms are doing, what changes you’ve noticed, and what’s coming up for you that week. Then, we’ll go into the energy healing part of the session

During the energy healing,  it’s best if you can lie down and relax while I tune in. I let your body take the lead and let me know what’s ready for healing this week and use whatever tools and techniques are the best. As I see what needs healing, I’ll let you know and also walk you through what energy healing techniques we’re using to address it.

Most people find the sessions calming and some even enter a theta brain wave state, where they become very relaxed and almost feel like their body is floating.

Once your body has let me know that it’s done for today, we’ll take a few minutes to check-in again and make sure you don’t have any questions



Two 50 minute sessions per month at a set time that we’ll determine

⇒ All sessions held via Zoom

⇒ Minimum commitment of 3 months (so we can get some traction from your efforts! It takes time to build up your system to a point where you are completely rid of symptoms)


$400 / month (minimum commitment of 3 months)

    “I had been struggling with an autoimmune disease for several years before working with Megan. No one had been able to pin down a specific diagnosis, and the condition was getting worse and worse over time. With all of that, I was feeling hopeless and frustrated and stressed. I wasn’t able to live my life because I kept getting hit with debilitating flare ups.

    When I started working with Megan, I set what I thought was a very ambitious (and probably not going to happen) goal of:
    After one year, I will reduce my outbreaks to two per year.
    By 2025, I will be off daily medication.
    Someday, I am cured of my autoimmune disease.

    Since working with Megan, I have not had a single outbreak. I am off daily medication, and my small flare ups are becoming less and less frequent. Being completely cured no longer feels like a pipe dream. I am now hopeful that by next year, my autoimmune issues will be a thing of the past. Autoimmune symptoms are much better and may soon disappear altogether; so much of the heavy emotional/psychological energy that I’d been carrying around with me has been released; I feel calmer and more capable of handling what life throws at me.

    I’d call Megan’s work magical fruity juju! She works directly with your system and energy; shifting your systems to work better for you and aligning what is not functioning both on the physical realm and psychological/emotional realms.
    I tried Megan because nothing else worked. I was hoping for some small relief, even if it was just a placebo. Instead, she completely transformed my physical and emotional way of existing. I feel lighter, healthier, more resilient, and calm. All that psychological/inner child work that I’d done with the hope that some would trickle from the mind down into the body…she bypassed all of that, went right into the energetic heart of what was going on, and affected it directly. So powerful. Even if you aren’t sure, just try it. You will be glad you did!”
    Morgan Lynn Krueger

    Actor & writer


    Q: What is a medical intuitive?

    A: A medical intuitive is a special kind of psychic who can “see” inside the physical and energetic body and get information about the cause of an illness, condition or disease. Using a combination of my different intuitive powers (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience) and my  medical background (Master’s degree in health sciences) I can “see” what’s going on in your body and give you answers and information that can go beyond traditional medicine.

    Q: How does this work at a distance? Don’t you need to be with me in person?

    A: After more than a decade of working as a psychic and intuitive, I am able to connect to your energy frequency by using a photo, your voice, or another anchor, just as well as I can in person. If you want to know more about the physics behind how this works called “entanglement” there’s a great article that explains this.

    Q: Can you cure me or fix my condition?

    A: My gift is seeing what is out of balance in your body and using specialized energy medicine techniques to bring you back into balance. Many things can throw your body out of balance, but once we address them and use the proper techniques to bring you back into balance, improved health will inevitably follow. My energy healing work will balance your system, process and release old stress and trauma, and reconnect areas of your body and mind (aka your bodymind)  that may have been “short circuited” because of disease. When these things happen, healing naturally occurs. A balanced bodymind is a healthy bodymind.

    Q: What if I don’t see results after 3 months?

    A: I’ve never had anyone see no results after 3 months, but energy healing works with your body to move you towards better health at the rate that your body knows is safe and optimal for you. This means that you may not be completely symptom free after three months, but you will have seen some progress, even if it’s not as much as you’d like. I also make sure to chat with everyone that wants to work with me beforehand for exactly this reason – this is advanced energy work and it’s not for everyone, so I want to make sure before we start working together that you’ll be able to access the benefits. Even if it’s not a “go”  for us at this time, it’s still valuable to set up a chat with me since I may be able to point you towards a healing modality that’s a better match for you right now.

    Q: What are some of the conditions you’ve worked with before?

    A: I’ve worked with all sorts of conditions including digestive issues, autoimmune issues, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, myalgic encephalomyelitis (chronic fatigue), long Covid, food allergies and intolerances, cardiovascular issues, cancer, skin issues as well as anxiety and depression.

    Q: Do I need to have a medical diagnosis before I come to you?

    No, it’s not necessary. If you have one, that will be helpful for me as a starting point. If you don’t, we can just talk about what symptoms you’re experiencing and I can go from there.

    By receiving a medical intuitive or intuitive energy healing session, you agree that your consultation is subject to your own interpretation. You acknowledge that you are aware that in the consultations you will not receive medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription and that Megan Caper does NOT act as a physician. For legal reasons, no medical claims are made as to the efficacy of these sessions. Although a Medical Intuitive can often see what a traditional examination may overlook, a session with Megan Caper is not recommended as a replacement for medical treatment nor should it be construed as medical advice. By purchasing a session or package you agree to these terms. Thank you for your cooperation and I am looking forward to working with you.


    OMG! I LOVE MEGAN! Working with her is a dream come true in terms of real, honest to goodness healing of long term problems. Miraculous physical, emotional and spiritual healing, with definite, tangible and long-lasting results. Who wouldn’t want that?

    I have definitely benefited from her help, as I have in ways no other healer, doctor or coach has ever been able to do.

    I feel much more authentically me and able to stand tall and confidently in my own decisions rather than doing what I think others believe I should do. And, I authentically care for my body and love it so much. This manifests in how I make decisions about what to do.

    Megan’s greatest impact is that my issues have become non-issues. I feel healthier, lighter in heart, and brighter in thinking knowing healing miracles are possible. Megan’s work is miraculous and complete.

    Megan is the real deal. She’s a powerful healer!

    Susan Benson

    All in all, I have the feeling of having made an empowered choice. I am relieved and happy that I decided to take action about an issue that had been troubling me for some years. I had the sense throughout that my body is fully on board, supportive, and happy to heal.

    Megan, your clear guidance, healing energy, and fun and lively spirit helped me to create an amazing experience. Thank you times one million!

    Kate Godin


    I’m not sure I would be where I am now without Megan’s help, guidance and true caring nature.

    I was feeling alone, hopeless and truly unsure of where to turn next after years of seeking help. With Megan’s gifts I was able to progress on my wellness journey. The biggest impact I feel is her ability to truly listen and “fix” the internal issues. Hard to actually put into words.

    I have experienced being calmer in my emotions, confidence that I am progressing and a real sense of peace.

    I would without hesitation recommend Megan to the world!

     If any concerns about giving Megan try…I say….WHY? You are worth health and happiness and I can not imagine Megan not being able to assist you in that goal. Give Megan an opportunity to work her gift.

    Linda Johnson