The intricate link between mind and body reveals itself in myriad ways. As a medical intuitive, I’ve witnessed this connection manifest through my clients’ physical ailments, which often reflect unresolved emotional conflicts. One such example involves a client who came to me with a decades-long struggle with asthma.  

In our sessions together, my client’s belief came through that in order to be worthy of love, they must continually strive to be a “good” person. This meant habitually putting others’ needs first, stifling their own desires, and regularly checking in to make sure others were happy. Despite their kindhearted efforts, an underlying feeling persisted that they were never quite good enough.

Asthma can be seen as the body signalling that it is not receiving enough air, mirroring my client’s fear of never getting enough love. Though outwardly gentle and accommodating, internally they felt suffocated by the pressure to earn love and acceptance. Just as their lungs constricted during an asthma attack, their spirit felt constrained by perpetual self-judgment.

Through energy healing techniques, I encouraged my client’s body to release the notion that love must be earned through self-sacrifice. We cleared this belief system and replaced it with the awareness that our only job is to emanate love – to be compassionate and loving towards every person, creature, plant and any other living thing we meet. 

It was a simple shift really, but powerful as hell – moving from “I’ll only be loved if I’m good enough” to “I emanate love, so love will find its way to me.” As this new perspective took root, not only did my client’s asthma begin to clear up, but their feeling of unworthiness around love also began to fade.  

This shift was simple yet profound – from feeling like we need to do things in order to be good enough to be loved, to realizing that if we emanate love, we will draw love to us. Many of us walk around feeling like we are not enough in some way, believing we need to fix ourselves or be kinder or more loving to deserve affection in return. In fact, the reverse is true – the more we ground ourselves in the awareness that we are deserving of love just as we are, just as much as  we were the first day we were born, the more we will feel love flowing to us in all its many forms. When you stop chasing love and start emanating it instead, you’ll draw your soul family to you like moths to a flame.

Like the air we breathe, love surrounds us as our birthright – needing no justification. By realigning with the truth that you are enough, just as you are, and emanating your unique essence through thoughts, words and actions steeped in love – watch the mind-body healing unfold.

How would your life change if from this day forward you believed that your only job was to emanate love? how would it feel to walk through the world this way? how would it feel to receive love from everywhere around you simply for being in this state? I’d love to know what comes up for you when you try this thought experiment!

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