I’ve been reflecting on an enlightening energy healing session I had with a client yesterday. I wanted to share her story because it really illustrates the beauty of mind-body connection and how magic can happen when you work holistically with the body on all levels through physiology, emotions, and spirituality. 

This is a client I’ve been working with for a while on issues like people pleasing, social anxiety, and setting healthy boundaries. These are challenges so many people face, myself included at times. Yesterday, something fascinating came through during our session that I never could have anticipated.

What arose was the need to shift my client’s nervous system balance. Her external sensory systems – vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell – were wired to take in constant information from her surroundings. This hypervigilance helped her stay tuned in to other people and situations. 

What came through strongly was the need to redirect some of that energy inward. Specifically, to amplify her internal sensory receptors – proprioception, vestibular system, and interoception. These receptors provide sensations about what’s happening inside the body, like hunger, bladder cues, temperature, and heartbeat. 

The intuitive wisdom was to turn down the volume on external focus and turn up internal awareness. This would concretely help her prioritize herself first before others. We’re often told to “check in with ourselves,” but I’d never thought of it as physically tuning our sensory systems.

During the session, we made a tangible energy shift. The outward sensors moved down as the inward volume amplified. It was a physiological change in her nervous system, but also an emotional one – learning to rely on internal intuition over external pressures. 

This exemplified the true mind-body connection. Our bodies don’t separate physiology, emotions, energy, and spirit. This was emotional growth manifesting through neurological change. I was in awe of her body’s wisdom.

It’s sessions like these that remind me why I love this work. In Western medicine, something always felt missing – the unification of body and mind. This session was the perfect embodiment of holistic healing, with emotional breakthroughs emerging through physical shifts.

I’m so  grateful I get to facilitate this type of beautiful mind-body awakening.

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