Medical Intuition

Are you ready to get the answers your doctor can’t tell you?

I work with people who want more insight about their condition so that they can finally get on the road to recovery.

Perhaps they feel like their don’t yet have the whole picture or that their doctor is treating the symptoms, but not addressing the underlying cause. Or maybe they’ve been told there is no effective treatment and this is a chronic condition that can’t be cured.

Using my unique combination of medical training and psychic abilities, I can get to the root cause of the issue so that you know exactly how to address your condition and take meaningful steps toward being free of it forever.

Are you feeling:

  • Frustrated by the well meaning doctors who can’t decide on a diagnosis or treatment?
  • Like there’s a missing puzzle piece to your condition that’s no one has figured out yet?
  • The medications you take may be helping somewhat with the symptoms, but they don’t address the underlying cause of the condition?
  • Like you don’t fit into the exact “box” of the diagnosis you’ve been given but you don’t know how to get another opinion?

Is what you’re currently doing working for you?

Do you feel like you’re getting better? 

What if you…

  • Could take steps to finally address the real reason for your issue instead of just taking medications to cover up the symptoms?
  • Felt confident in knowing what your body was trying to tell you and why?
  • Knew exactly what treatments your body needed in order to make progress toward getting well?

That’s exactly why you need a medical intuitive. I’ll take you from wishing you knew why your body was doing this to having a clear plan for how to resolve it for good.

What Clients Are Saying

Before I met with Megan, I was feeling disempowered, stuck, frustrated and confused. After our first session, I felt mind blown with her ability to connect to my innate wisdom. Megan was able to find the cause and help me release a great deal of the anxiety I've carried all my life.

Working with Megan, I've felt completely supported me along the way. She has a unique background in Buddhist meditation, compassion, self-awareness, and a strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology, in addition to her intuitive gifts.

She has been an amazing person to refer to when I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, etc. She has provided me with a sense of clarity, understanding, and confidence with the process.

Anya Searle

Owner, Sacred Alchemy

I love working with Megan! She's insightful, knowledgeable, approachable and fun. She's got a great approach to weight loss with the right combination of mindset, science, intuition and coaching. I'm so glad I took this program!

Elizabeth Barbour

Life & Business Coach

Before I started getting sessions from Megan, I felt pretty hopeless and like there was little chance I could resolve some of my issues. I was amazed by the results.

I’ve seen significant progress since I first started working with her. Not only did I have immediate information about my issue, but her sessions have had lasting effects as well. I gained understanding into problems and challenges I was facing, which helped me to recognize them as they came up again in the future. I’ve been able to overcome several long standing blocks, as well, and feel better about the overall situation.

Megan combines deep understanding of science and physiology with metaphysical knowledge for a unique perspective. I would recommend you talk to her up front to address your concerns and then try her out to see how it works for you.

Ethan E.

Software Engineer

Medical Intuition Session (75-minute single session):

  • A 30-minute initial intake that includes an in-depth, psychic reading of the underlying causes of your condition so you can know not just what your body is doing but WHY. This includes a thorough assessment of all of your symptoms, so that we can look at ALL of the issues and how they may be connected or intertwined.
  • Plus, a 45-minute intuitive energy healing, where I use my psychic abilities, extensive knowledge of both western and eastern medical systems, applied kinesiology, and energy healing techniques to communicate with your body about the underlying causes of your disease, stimulate healing, and increase innate feelings of calm, balance, and joy.

 Investment: $250


Fix the Problem for Good Healing Series (6 sessions):

  • One 75-minute Medical Intuition initial session, as described above.
  • Five weekly 45-minute intuitive energy healing sessions for stimulating healing and creating greater balance in your body and mind. I always follow the lead of your body’s innate wisdom as to what to heal and when. In each session I make a psychic connection to your body’s innate, subconscious wisdom, use applied kinesiology to determine what needs to be healed and in what order, and use a variety of energy healing techniques to facilitate rapid and whole body healing. This is more than just symptom relief. These sessions enable a greater communication and balance throughout your whole bodymind, resulting in better physical and mental health, a greater sense of joy in your life, and an ease you may never have known before.

Investment: $1200 or 3 monthly payments of $500

Note: All sessions include audio recordings of your calls so that you don’t need to worry that you’ll miss anything.

Are you done with trying to figure out why you’re sick? Do you just want to know why your body is doing this so you can fix the problem?

Then book a call with me and let’s get to the bottom of this now.


By receiving a medical intuitive or intuitive energy healing session, you agree that your consultation is subject to your own interpretation. You acknowledge that you are aware that in the consultations you will not receive medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription and that Megan Caper does NOT act as a physician. For legal reasons, no medical claims are made as to the efficacy of these sessions. Although a Medical Intuitive can often see what a traditional examination may overlook, a session with Megan Caper is not recommended as a replacement for medical treatment nor should it be construed as medical advice. By purchasing a session or package you agree to these terms. Thank you for your cooperation and I am looking forward to working with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medical intuitive?
A medical intuitive is a special kind of psychic who can “see” inside the physical and energetic body and get information about the cause of an illness, condition or disease. Using a combination of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and medical training, I can “see” what’s going on in you body and give you answers and information that can go beyond traditional medicine.
How does this work at a distance? Don’t you need to be with me in person?
After more than a decade of working as a psychic and intuitive, I am able to connect to your energy frequency by using a photo, your voice, or another anchor, just as well as I can in person. If you want to know more about the physics behind how this works called “entanglement” there’s a great article that explains this.
What is intuitive energy healing?
Energy healing (or energy medicine) is an astonishingly simple and effective form of therapy that allows the body’s systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended.

Each system, cell and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, however, these lines of communication can become compromised, which then leads to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental well-being. To address this, the energy medicine system provides a method of treatment that allows the body to function optimally – and more successfully respond to injury and illness.

The body has an innate “self-repairing” function and energy medicine works with this urge to heal, a basic ingenious function that simply exists in the nature of living things. This concept is paramount in the balancing process to initiate the body’s ability to heal itself.

Using a form of biofeedback involving a subtle muscle-testing technique, along with my intuition, I identify the weakened systems within the body that need repair. I rely on the guidance of the body’s natural wisdom not only to locate imbalances but also to find the proper order in which they are to be addressed. The healing process follows rather quickly, resulting in cascade of improvements in body, mind and spirit.

Do I need to have a medical diagnosis before I come to you?
No, it’s not necessary. If you have one, that will be helpful for me as a starting point. If you don’t, we can just talk about what symptoms you’re experiencing and I can go from there.

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