Boys will be boys, girls will be wealthy:

Incorporating Feminine intuition into your business

stop wasting your time and energy on strategies that don’t work for you

Growing your business can be a stressful endeavor. Do you ever feel like you….

  • Have days when you’re completely paralyzed because you’re not sure WHAT you should be focusing on and how to make everything work seamlessly together?
  • Can’t seem to stay motivated to work on marketing and business growth?
  • Want to go in a new direction but are nervous to do so?
  • Have tried EVERYTHING (FB ads, blogging, funnels, etc) but still don’t have the number of clients you’d like to have?
  • Don’t know how to get people to see your business?
  • Wish this marketing thing was easier and didn’t feel so forced?

Business building has always been traditionally masculine, we’ve been told to “Go forth and conquer!

But that strategy takes a lot of willpower and sheer grit, and leaves us drained, unhappy and exhausted.

You know that’s not the best way to grow your business, but how can you make it fun and inspiring every day?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the options and don’t know which is right for you? Are you having trouble deciding which marketing strategies to focus on? Do you want your business to grow, but don’t know how to harness what you need to do to move forward?

I was right there too when I started my business as an intuitive counselor. I spent a ton of time in learning mode, gathering information about all the marketing strategies, business models, etc.

Until I collapsed from information overload. 

Then I remembered, “Hey! I’m an intuitive! Why not use my connection with universal consciousness to grow my biz?” 

And that’s when the doors opened wide and everything changed for me and my business.

Traditional business building is missing out on an enormous piece of the puzzle, and it’s making it harder for us to succeed.

It’s time to stop the overwhelm and learn to grow your business from a place of certainty.

It’s time to develop your natural talents, it’s time to incorporate your intuition into your business.

When you want it fast, easy and in total alignment with what you love to do. 

In this course you’ll learn to:

  • Get faster results with less effort by attuning to exactly what you need to do each day
  • Feel motivated to work on your business and leave overwhelm behind
  • Easily figure out your unique model for how to grow your business
  • Get rid of imposter syndrome and other negative thought patterns
  • Use the energy of manifesting and open receiving to attract things to you rather than having to “go forth and conquer!”
  • Spread your message and help others in an authentic, compassionate way that helps both you and your clients feel good
  • Build your business in a way that you LOVE to do each day

If you use your intuition to create a business that is in alignment with your path, your desires, and your dreams, business building becomes so much simpler. 

For years business was run by men and many of the methods we still use to market and grow our businesses come from this masculine model. This has given us a great foundation, but there’s a whole other piece that missing. It’s a yin to the yang of “do or die” marketing. It’s about turning inward, looking to your intuitive voice, and being open to what universal consciousness has to say about your biz.

I felt a certainty that my work with Megan would create important new shifts in my way of approaching life. I had worked a LOT on my issues, and felt that the remaining pieces were like layers of an onion, and no matter how many layers I peeled, it was a never-ending process.

After the first session, I let go of all those limiting beliefs. I was compassionate and not triggered, able to show up authentically and show love. The energy we moved during that first session released a new vitality and an immediate access to my emotions. No longer feeling numbed or frozen, I am joyful and happy. I am tearful and angry. I am frightened and at peace. I am enjoying every second of being a passionate person who acknowledges just what is going on inside! I am filled with insights and inspiration from all the energy we freed up. My creativity is pouring out in my writing. when I added Megan’s insightful work to this process, everything jelled. This was the support piece that allowed me to burst forth.

Victoria Stuart

Poet and Philosopher

What’s included in this course?

Here’s what you can count on every week:

  • Worksheets to help you deepen your understanding and intuitive skill set 
  • Practical homework exercises to fast track you to accessing your intuition and manifesting abilities 
  • Guided meditations to develop the specific skills we’re learning

Guess what else you’re getting?

There will also be a weekly group call where I talk about that week’s lesson and open it up to questions.

  • Get feedback on the tools you’ve tried and figure out how to make them work for you
  • Ask questions about your specific business and how to use what we’ve learned for your unique situation
  • Get confirmation on your intuitive information and what the next steps are for using that to best advantage in your biz

Want to hear the best part?

There will also be mini laser intuitive coaching sessions to get you on the fast track to total alignment with your business. 

  • Find out what belief systems or subconscious programming may be holding you back
  • Get my “second opinion” on any intuitive information you have accesed 
  • My intutive takes on what you need to do to get in even better alignment and what next steps you should take

Course Modules:  

Week 1: Get to know your guides and gremlins

  • Learn how to communicate with universal consciousness and your guides so that you can get fast, no nonsense answers to all your questions.
  • Find out what really drives you in your business so you can concentrate on those areas and let go of the rest
  • Identify your “mental gremlins” that keep you from being able to tune in to this higher level guidance


Week 2: Gremlins be gone!

  • Learn several techniques for clearing away your limiting belief systems and obstacle thoughts so that you can move past fear and hear the messages your intuition has for you
  • Develop an enduring feeling of self-compassion, love and forgiveness that will allow you to work on your business from a place of love and not fear or lack


Week 3: Developing your intuition

  • Learn three practical, easy to learn methods for accessing your intuition and growing your connection to universal consciousness so you can always know what the right decision is for your business and ditch the overwhelm
  • Learn how to tell if a message or feeling you have is intuition or just a random brain blip so that you can start to know immediately when you are getting an intuitive message


Week 4: Opening yourself to abundance

  • Go even deeper into your connection with universal consciousness and learn how to take the fast track to your goals
  • Leave “lack mentality” behind and finally see yourself as worthy and deserving of all the success and happiness you desire
  • Learn how to use the power combo of intuition and manifesting to really supercharge your business growth and have each day be fun and full of surprises



In addition, each participant will get a one-hour session with me (a $250 value) where we will go even deeper on figuring out what your guides have to say, clear any mental blocks you may have, and give you the clarity and certainty you’ve been wanting.


All this is for the beta test investment of only $299

The course starts on April 22nd and I’d love to have you along for the inaugural ride!

 Weekly group video calls will be on Tuesdays at 11am PST and will be recorded in case you can’t make it at that time. 

Note: I believe 100% in this course (and it’s spirit guide approved!) but I know the power of a good beta test round. I want to hear your feedback so I can make this a great experience for you, because when you have a great experience, that allows me to create great experience for others. Now, that’s what I call a win. So, I’m giving a 40% discount to beta testers in exchange for honest feedback.


Q: How do I know if this program is for me?

A: This program is great for anyone that has their niche and messaging down and has a basic understanding of some business building techniques.

Q: How do I know if this program is not for me?

A: If you are still super confused about what business you want to start, this program might not be for you right now. If you’re not ready to commit to doing some deep work or already feel like you have it figured out? Good for you! But this may not be the right course for you. The more open you are to learning and receiving intuitive messages, the better your results will be.

Q: Will I get rich really fast by using these techniques?

A: It’s possible, but I can’t make any promises. What this will do is make things easier and more effortless since you’ll be in alignment with your higher self. And when that happens and you’re in the flow, miraculous things do seem to pop up all over the place.

Q: Do I need to have any intuitive powers to take this course?

A: No! In fact, this course is best for people who are just starting to be curious about or play with their intuition and/or manifesting.

Q: What if I sign up for the class and then change my mind?

A: Because this is the beta course and I’m taking a limited number of people, no refunds will be given. If you’re not 100% sure, that’s fine. I hope to see you in a future course.

Q: What if I’m still not sure?

A: Click here to send me a note and I’ll help you figure out if this is the right fit for where you are right now.