Conversations with Saul

A unique opportunity to connect with a non-physical channeled teacher for guidance and support

How would you feel if you could: 

  • Receive guidance from Divine Consciousness itself
  • Become closer to your intuition and universal awareness
  • Know how to design the life you want
  • Feel an immense source of support and love

Look, life is really hard.

And incarnating as a human is no joke.

It’s a tough cosmic assignment to come here and be a human being having a spiritual learning experience for 80 or 100 years. Sometimes I ask myself,  “Why couldn’t I incarnate this time as some lichen? I would just sit on a rock, soaking up the sun. Or some space dust?  That sounds nice – floating in space for a few eons with no responsibilities at all.”

But a human?! With this body that keeps breaking down? And all of these feelings of insecurity, uncertainty and fear? Seriously, why did I choose this soul contract this time around?

One of the things that has been such a lifesaver for me has been the ability to have a conversations with my Spirit Guides, those amazing beings from Divine Source who are here to help us understand our human and spiritual paths. Time and time again when I have been feeling uncertain, unclear, or on the merry-go-round of the emotional rollercoaster (I know, I’m mixing metaphors, let’s just roll with it) I have been able to find so much solace in wisdom in my communication with the Divine, who I am able to talk to in a trance-like meditative state. 

But I’m a professional intuitive, so this stuff comes more easily for me. I know that for most of the world, having a conversation with the Divine where the Divine actually talks back not something that happens every day.

Which is why I was so happy when Saul appeared.

Who is Saul?

In February of 2020, I woke up one morning to my intuitive voice telling me “You’ll be able to channel soon.”  I was intrigued but also befuddled, as I didn’t really know what that meant. Channel? Channel whom? Or what

I began to play with the idea and over the next 6 months, I started to have experiences where I could share my consciousness with non-physical energy beings. They would “borrow” my body and mind to speak to others who wanted to have conversations with them. They said that they were a collective of energy beings and wanted to be called by the name “Saul.”   

I thought that was a funny name and kind of old-fashioned, so I looked it up to see if there was any deeper meaning in that name. 

What I found made me stop in my tracks. 

Saul means, “to ask or inquire of God.”   

Um…so I’m talking to God?! 

Saul said they were more like representatives of universal consciousness (aka Divine Source) and they were here to answer questions that we as humans may have as we navigate through this incarnation.

I started hosting workshops and invited others to have conversations with Saul. People asked Saul their questions about life, relationships, parenting, the nature of our existence here, and more. Saul had answers to these questions and helped each person individually, but there was also magic in what was said and unsaid to those who were there listening. People other than those who asked the question remarked on how Saul had answered their questions too, sometimes a question they wouldn’t have even thought to ask. 

Over and over again I heard how Saul’s answers to other people’s questions were just what they needed to hear. And isn’t that the truth of it  — we’re all asking the same questions about suffering, about peace, about loss, only with different details, different circumstances, different versions of the same Samsara. 

And so Saul began to explain. Explain how to find your way to your own questions, your own truth, how to see the breadcrumbs and signposts from Divine to know that you’re on the right path. He explained how to feel unconditionally loved at all times so that you are then able to love others in the same way. He explained how to use your wound-gifts to free yourself and to free others. How you gather your exact right and perfect friends and family to help with your learning, your path, your imperfect stumbling towards enlightenment, and how those friends and family are pointing you towards your next lesson or your next level of learning right now, today. 

What does a Saul workshop look like? 

We start each session with Megan leading a group energy healing. We create a group matrix for everyone who’s attending the workshop and for anyone they want to invite in energetically, anyone who may need this healing. We ask that this healing extend to anyone in the world who needs it, anyone who is ready, anyone who is suffering. In this way we create a group not only to find our own answers and healing, but so that we can send this out to the world, as well. 

Then Megan begins to channel Saul. Saul gets such delight from being able to answer your questions and interact with you this way. Saul wants to help you on your path and in your desire to be free of suffering and find the causes of true happiness. 

 Saul likes to use the metaphor of our incarnation as the choice to take an “adventurous vacation” away from the collective consciousness, much like we, as humans, would take an adventurous vacation to Machu Picchu or Kilimanjaro. He explains that we would never expect our vacation to only be full of moments of joy and happiness (there are mosquitos, altitude sickness and mud and rocks, for example) and this is much like this choice our souls made to incarnate here and now, with this particular subset of dharma and these lessons to learn in this lifetime. Our grand adventure here on Earth has moments of triumph and joy and moments of pain and despair. This is the nature of incarnation. 

Having a conversation with Saul is like an ability to peak behind the curtain, to ask the bigger questions in life:

  • Why is this happening?
  • What am I supposed to do? 
  • What are my next steps? 
  • What are the right questions for me to be asking myself in this moment? 

 Saul loves his work. He loves answering those big questions. He wants to spread his message to more and more of you, to give all of you who are willing and ready access to this knowledge so that you can lead a more meaningful and fulfilled life, knowing exactly why you are here and how to move forward. 

    See Saul in action here:  

    In the workshop, I find safety, support and belonging. Megan and Saul are lighting our way in this uncertain time.

    Kathy G.

    These sessions have been incredible and life changing. Every channeling brings new insights from extremely personal and specific to overarching themes for all of humanity. I learn just as much when Saul is speaking to others as when he is speaking to me. I have been able to incorporate insights and lessons immediately into my daily life. I try never to miss a session!

    Jennifer J.

    Saul is a group of entities from Divine consciousness that animates all life forms. The sessions with Saul are a way to have a conversation (a f&*king conversation!) with that Divine consciousness.

    Brenda P.

    THANK YOU SAUL!  I am grateful you are willing to help us, and grateful Megan is willing to facilitate this to happen.

    Alison A.

    I have learned so much from Saul’s perspective.  Saul offers a longer-term perspective that I forget to consider because I’m caught up in the emotional turmoil of the present.

    Susan B.

    Saul’s answers may not always be the ones you are looking for or the ones you want, but they are always what you need.

    Lisa G.

    Details: Price, schedule, and more

    Megan and Saul hold the workshops weekly on Zoom on Mondays at 11am Pacific Time.

    The price is a flat rate of $20/month, no matter how many workshops you attend. Once you sign up, you’ll be charged $20/month for as long as you’re in the group.

    If you can’t make some of the times, you can watch the replay anytime. All workshop recordings are uploaded to the website within 48 hours and available indefinitely.


    In addition to the weekly calls, everyone who signs up will get immediate access to the following recordings:

    • Body-mind reset energy healing
    • Energy healing for overwhelm
    • Alleviating depression energy healing
    • Anxiety and unease energy healing


    Q: What if I don’t have a question every week? Can I still attend?

    A: Yes! We encourage you to attend. Workshop attendees often remark that they needed to hear an exact answer Saul gave, even if it wasn’t an answer to their question.

    Q: Can I submit questions to ask Saul if I’m not there on the call?

    A: Because Saul needs to access your energy field at the moment you ask the question, Saul cannot answer questions for those who are not in his presence.

    Q: Am I guaranteed to be able to ask Saul a question?

    A: The workshops last about 90 minutes, and Saul will answer as many questions as he can in that time. Depending on how many participants have questions during that time, he may or may not be able to answer all of them. 

    Q: What if I try a workshop and I decide I don’t like it?

    A: If you join the group and decide you don’t like it, you can cancel your membership in the group anytime. You would only be charged for the month(s) you had the membership.

    Q: What if I can’t afford $20/month?

    A: We have a limited number of sliding scale memberships for people whose economic earning power has been affected by the following systems of oppression Please feel free to email and ask if you may qualify.

    • Patriarchy
    • White Privilege 
    • Ableism
    • Homophobia
    • Transphobia
    • Classism
    Q: What if I’m still not sure?

    A: Click here to send me a note and I’ll help you figure out if this is the right fit for where you are right now.

    If you need guidance on your spiritual path, Saul can be a light for you as you work your way this messy human existence. I am building an intentional community of Allies in Awakening and if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, I’d love to have you as part of our community.