Work With Me

Today is the day when you find the missing piece of the puzzle.  

It’s time to stop wondering why you can’t get to the next level.

It’s time to finally feel calm, secure, self-confident and get everything you want.

It’s time to resolve your medical issues for good.

I’m Megan Caper, energy healer & medical intuitive and I’ve got you covered.


I use a combination of my medical training, deductive reasoning, and intuitive abilities to see inside your body and find the underlying cause of your issues.

Are you ready to stop the guesswork and know the deeper cause of your condition? Then it’s time to book an energy healing  and coaching session

Do you have fur and walk on four legs? Try an animal communication and healing session

Energy Healing & Coaching

Release the effects of past childhood experiences so you can get to the next level of health, happiness and self-confidence.

Animal Communication & Healing

What does your pet have to say to you? Find the root causes of your pet’s physical or emotional issues. Find out what you can do to make your pet happier and healthier.