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Animal Communication Sessions

Because they don’t speak English and you don’t speak Hamster

Sometimes you wish you could read your pet’s mind.

Your pet is your constant companion, your confidante, and your little love bug. They’re amazing creatures that are perfect in every way. Except when they gnaw on the furniture. Or pee in the same corner every time your aunt comes over. Or go ballistic when the mail carrier comes by. 

Yeah, other than that, they’re little angels. 

Want to get your pet to stop doing that weird thing they do? Or find out why they don’t like Aunt Erma? Or maybe just help them settle into your home or cope with a move or other change

The point is, as much as we love them and are in sync, sometimes we just don’t know why our fur babies are doing what they do. And that can be frustrating (or even dangerous).  

Here’s where I can help. I’ve been helping give pets a voice for years now, and I can help yours, too. 

Here are some of the issues I’ve helped pets talk about:

  • Getting along with other pets in the house
  • Settling into a new home
  • Anxiety or depression
  • What’s causing their behaviors around certain people (like the mail carrier)
  • Why they have anxiety or aggression with other dogs or at the dog park
  • What’s causing their pain or illness
  • Just to check in, make sure everything is okay, and tell them how much you LOOOOVE them
I had some doubts about remote communication. Like, sure, I can communicate with a dog face to face, but with just a picture and a few details? So I was a little skeptical, but open-minded. Some of the insights were uncanny – like Koa’s attachment to the cat he met (which I never mentioned) when a neighbor babysat him for a weekend. He’d follow that cat around the house trying to get her to play. And Megan said he was wondering where the cat was and whether she was okay. Really sweet!

It can be hard to communicate with a foster dog – they’re new, they don’t know you, sometimes they don’t know humans even communicate logically. Working with Megan, it was like a short-cut to get to that point of mutual understanding with Koa, something I’ve been struggling to do in the 4 months we’ve fostered him.

My mother is a horse trainer, my mother-in-law is a dog trainer, I grew up around animals and am a very good communicator. But when you’ve got an animal who, for whatever reason, isn’t aware that there’s logic at work, because they have fear, anxiety, traumatic past experiences or have just been uprooted from everything they know, having the ability to get a simple message across is amazing. I wish I’d known Megan when we had our extremely anxious foster dog Cherry! Might have saved some money on the calm balm. Lauren VanMullem

Copywriter, www.truerwordsbylauren.com

Megan has a gift that is beyond remarkable!

Our cat escaped our home on one of the coldest days of the winter, and wasn’t returning home. We were devastated when we thought we had lost him. We were skeptical about using a pet psychic to locate our cat, but it was a miracle. Megan communicated with our cat, and within the exact timeframe she suggested, he returned home. We had knocked on doors, walked the whole neighborhood, and still he wouldn’t come home. Megan assured us he was safe, but cold and with her guidance – he came back to us!

We don’t know what would have happened to our cat if he wouldn’t have connected with Megan. It was -30 degrees F that evening and it’s very possible he wouldn’t have made it.

We had never considered that our cat could connect with a psychic and I think working with Megan opened our eyes up to such a remarkable experience. We will absolutely be using her services in the future! Molly & Cory Williams

Filmmakers, Railroad Productions

When we first contacted Megan, we were uncertain what to do to help our new puppy settle in and learn the rules of the house. After our session, we have more clarity in what Chico needs and what certain behaviors are communicating to us, and we feel more connected to him and what he needs from us. It was helpful to know what his jumping up and snapping means (wants to play). Since the session, he is calmer. It is helpful to get insight into what your pet is trying to tell you through their behavior and have support to convey what you want to tell your pet and I enjoyed how you connected to our family and brought a sense of fun to the process. Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

BodyTalk Practictioner, Bodytalkportland.com

Here’s how it works:

  • I’ll have you send me a pic of your pet and anyone else who lives in the house (four legged or two)
  • We’ll have a short chat about what the issue is and what you hope to communicate to your pet
  • I’ll go off to connect with your pet and have a chat and an intuitive check in (to see if there’s anything I can see that’s physically wrong)
  • A few days later, we’ll have another, longer chat where I tell you what I’ve found out!

 Investment: $150

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work if you’re not physically with my pet?
I’m communicating with your pet’s innate wisdom, or consciousness. Due to a fancy property of particle physics called entanglement, I’m able to access this consciousness (which is really just an energy signature) from wherever I am. Here’s an interesting interview with Bruce Lipton, MD, that explains how this works: “Energy Healed Me – Over the Phone!”
Can you fix a behavior?
I can tell you more about what the behavior is about and I can communicate with your pet about why that behavior is problematic. Sometimes that is enough to curtail the behavior, but sometimes there is more to do, such as make a change in the environment or in your relationship with your pet. If that is the case, I will let you know what your pet is asking for so that you can make those changes.
How long will it be between when we have the initial phone call and when you do the reading for my pet?
I have a turnaround of 2 business days. During the initial intake call, we’ll schedule the follow-up call where I report back to you about my conversation with your pet for 1 or 2 days later.

Ready to know what your pet has to say?

Because I do speak hamster

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